310 people from 36 families abandoned Christianity to return to Sanatan Hindu Dharmic fold ( Hindu Post )

In Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) Jaunpur district, 310 people who had earlier become Christians returned to the Sanatan Hindu Dharmic fold. The people returning to Sanatan Dharma belong to the Sarsara village of the Barsathi area. During a program organized near Barsathi Block Railway Station for Ghar Wapsi of people wanting to return to the Hindu religion, 310 people from 36 families together adopted the Hindu religion.

36 families return to the Sanatan fold

For the Ghar Wapsi of 310 people into the Hindu Dharmic fold, a puja was conducted with Vedic rituals. During this, Shuddhi Yagya was performed, in which everyone made offerings into the Yagna Kund. About 500 people participated in this program organized on Sunday (5 November).

Families had converted to Christianity ten years ago

People who had converted to Christianity said that, for some reason, they had converted to Christianity 10 years ago. During that time, around 36 families in the Barsathi area had accepted Christianity. These people said they wanted to return to Sanatan Dharma for a long time. However, it became possible only now because of Hindu organizations.

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