80% journalists believe media covers Modi-led government too favourably, says Lokniti-CSDS study (Scroll)

Eighty percent of journalists believe that the media covers the Narendra Modi-led government too favourably, a study published by Lokniti and the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies said.

The report, “Indian Media: Trends and Patterns”, was published on Thursday. For the study, Lokniti and CSDS carried out an online survey of 206 journalists across television, print and digital media. Forty-one percent of those interviewed were Hindi journalists, 32% in English and 27% in other regional languages.

Among the respondents, 64% were on a media organisation’s payroll, 27% were independent journalists and 9% were doing both.

The study showed that 8% of the journalists interviewed believed that the media covers Opposition parties too favourably. On the other hand, 61% said that the media covers the Opposition too unfavourably.

Further, the report said that 73% journalists believe that media houses favour one political party. Out of these, the vast majority (82%) believed that media houses favour the Bharatiya Janata Party, and only 3% opined that the media displays favouritism towards the Congress.

As many as 86% of independent journalists said that the media covers the Modi government “too favourably”, while 81% of journalists working for news organisations gave the same response…

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