Aligarh: Mob attacks Muslim man blaming him for spread of coronavirus

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Aligarh : A mob attacked a Muslim man alleging that Muslims are spreading the coronavirus. The incident, which took place in India’s Aligarh city, left the 25-year-old man injured.

The victims identified as Abdul Samad is seen in a video that has gone viral, saying, “They said Musalla [Muslims] has come. They are spreading the coronavirus. Beat him.”

The incident took place on Friday evening when some people, accusing Abdul Samad of being a “coronavirus carrier”, thrashed him and left him unconscious with serious injuries outside the shop [a chemist store], the police said.

Police have charged six people in the case.

According to the man’s father Laiqur Rehman, Abdul Samad Samad was feeling unwell after his Ramzan fast on Friday night.

He had gone to a chemist shop in the neighbourhood to purchase some medicine where he was approached by some people, who abused and beat him up without any provocation.

Had the family not rushed him to the hospital, the injuries could have been fatal, the father claimed.

He has been reported to be out of danger.

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