Association condemns violence against Muslims in northern India (The Hindu)

Members of the Tamil Nadu Minorities People Welfare Association stage a protest in Madurai on Tuesday. | Photo Credit: R. ASHOK


Members of the Tamil Nadu Minorities People Welfare Association staged a protest here on Tuesday condemning the repeated attacks against members of Muslim community in the northern parts of the country.  

The protesters said that the BJP government during in its last two terms in the government was instrumental in staging various attacks against the minorities, particularly Muslims, targeting them based on their food choices and attires.  

The latest Lok Sabha election displayed the people’s choice against BJP and allies for their ‘anti-minorities policies.’

“The BJP government claimed they will regain power by winning the majority number of seats, but election results made them realize they are losing popularity among people,” said N. Ganesan, district president of the association. 

He pointed out the various recent attacks against the minorities in Chhattisgarh, Aligarh, Madya Pradesh, Lucknow, Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi, Gujarat and others where the Muslim people were allegedly targeted and killed for possessing beef.  

“Despite losing their majority mark, the BJP government has started acting violently against people who seem to have not voted for them,” Mr. Ganesan said.  

Killing minorities and bulldozing their houses have become a regular affair for the current union government, he alleged.

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