Crimes against women, children, SC/ST, and cyber crimes, increased in 2022: Crime in India report (The Hindu)

The annual NCRB report, released on a day when election results in four States were announced, finds a surge in accidents, suicides, and sudden deaths

Crimes against women, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), children, cyber crimes, and offences against the state saw an increase in 2022 as compared with 2021, according to the annual ‘Crime in India Report 2022’ published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Sunday.

The annual crime report, and the Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) report, were published when the results of the Assembly elections in four States were announced on December 3. In 2022, the report was published in August.

The ADSI report said there had been a 11.6% increase in the number of “sudden deaths” reported across the country. As many as 56,653 sudden deaths were reported in 2022, with 32,410 deaths attributed to “heart attack” and 24,243 deaths to “other” reasons. The maximum deaths (19,456) were reported in the age group of 45-60 years.

An increase was observed in suicides during 2022 (1,70,924 suicides) when compared with 2021 (1,64,033 suicides). There was an increase in accidental deaths — 4,30,504 such deaths were reported in 2022, compared with 3,97,530 deaths in 2021.

According to the Crime in India report, a total of 4,45,256 cases of ‘crimes against women’ were registered during 2022, showing an increase of 4% over 2021 (4,28,278 cases).

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