By Elisha Vermani

New Delhi: After a series of diktats surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence at Delhi University’s (DU) centenary celebrations on June 30, the Delhi police allegedly entered two student activists’ houses and camped there for nearly five hours to ensure that they did not leave the house and that no disruptions were caused at the event.

Two constables from the Model Town Police Station entered the house of All India Students Association (AISA) Delhi president Abhigyan and AISA DU secretary Anjali without warrants or any other relevant documents, Anjali alleged.

The two, who live in a gated colony in Kalyan Vihar near the University’s north campus, have not been allowed to leave their house since morning by police, who allegedly told them that they “might create ruckus at the DU event.”

Cops allegedly added that this was being done “for the safety of the prime minister.”

“Abhigyan went for an errand at around 9:30 this morning when he saw 5-7 police officers crowding at the main gate. They immediately asked us to take them to our house and said that if we didn’t, then they’ll come anyway because they knew our exact address,” Anjali told The Wire.

They said the police refused to produce a warrant or any relevant document that could prove that this is a legal and justified action taken by the police. “[Police] said they have a list of a few students – ‘people who usually take part in protests and create ruckus on campus’ – so this is for the ‘safety of the prime minister’. They are protecting the prime minister from a few students,” said Anjali.

The constables, Kaberi and Amit Kumar, who left around 2:00 pm, allegedly hid their badges but revealed their names and the police station they came from after the duo talked to them, Anjali said…

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