Giriraj blames Congress’ appeasement politics for rise in Muslim population (Times of India)

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On Thursday, Union minister Giriraj Singh attributed the rise in the Muslim population in the country since 1950 to the alleged appeasement politics of the Congress. Singh alleged that the Congress government provided refuge to illegal Bangladeshi


BEGUSARAI: Union minister Giriraj Singh on Thursday blamed the alleged appeasement politics of the Congress for the increase in the population of Muslims in the country since 1950. The Congress government also gave shelter to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and Rohingyas in Bihar in particular and the country in general after 1971, Singh alleged while talking to reporters.

The BJP leader made the comments when reporters sought his views on the report of the Economic Advisory Council to the PM (EAC-PM).

In a paper titled ‘Share of Religious Minorities: A Cross-Country Analysis (1950-2015)’, the EAC-PM said the share of the Hindu population decreased by 7.82 per cent between 1950 and 2015 in India, while that of Muslims increased by 43.15 per cent during that period.
“Hindus comprised 88 per cent of the total population in 1947 and it has come down to 70 per cent now. Muslim population, on the other hand, rose from 7 per cent cent 1947 to almost 20 per cent. It all happened because of the Congress party’s indulgence in politics of appeasement,” Singh claimed.

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