Govt hospital in Ahmedabad allegedly separates Hindu, Muslim coronavirus patients; govt denies

Officials said that the segregation was done three days back following instruction from senior government officers

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In a controversial move, the authorities of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital in Asarva allegedly separated Hindu and Muslim coronavirus patients in the specially made 1200-bed COVID-19 facility. Oicials said that the alleged segregation was done three days back following instruction from senior government oicers. However, the state government termed the allegations ‘baseless’.
Medical Superintendent G H Rathod told DH that “Whatever has been done is based on the
Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, who is also health minister, did not respond to calls despite repeated attempts. When contacted a COVID-19 patient admitted at the hospital told DH, “Two days back at around 11 pm we were asked to change our place. We were not informed about the reason. Later, we realised that only Muslim men and women were moved from the usual place.”

“The decision was taken aer several doctors and nursing stas complained that COVID-19
patients, mostly from the minority community, loiter around in other wards and they also receive lots of relatives. Aer observing these movements, we apprised senior authorities who decided to restrict these movements. We also have over three to four dozen suspected cases and due to such unnecessary movement, the risk of spread of virus increases. This decision has nothing to do with their faiths,” claimed an oicer at the civil hospital requesting not to be quoted.
The state government Wednesday denied the reports of separate wards for patients. The health department tweeted from the oicial handle that “Some reports have appeared in the media that there are separate wards for patients of dierent religions in Civil Hospital Ahmedabad COVID reports that appeared in certain media are totally baseless and misleading.”
Hospital authorities said that there are 150 COVID-19 patients admitted in the 1,200 bed superspeciality block at the civil hospital, that started functioning for coronavirus patients since March 22. As of today, there are 150 patients out of which 40 to 45 are Muslims.

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