Haryana: At Second ‘Hindu Mahapanchayat’ For Monu Manesar, Calls for Anti-Muslim Violence ( The Wire )

'This is a conspiracy by Rajasthan Police against Monu Manesar. We are ready to take lives and give our lives for Monu Manesar.'

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Participants at the Hindu Mahapanchayat in Hathin, Haryana. Photo: Yaqut Ali/The Wire

Hathin (Haryana): A second ‘Hindu Mahapanchayat’, called by members of the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad at Hathin in Haryana on February 22, in support of cow vigilante Monu Manesar, saw open calls for violence against Muslims and police who try to take action against Monu.

The Hathin event was attended by more than 400 members and leaders of the Bajrang Dal, VHP and Hindu Sena from across north India. It was also attended by locals.

The first such ‘Hindu Mahapanchayat’ was held in the Manesar town of Haryana on Tuesday, February 21. In it, speakers warned police against acting against Monu, a Bajrang Dal leader and member of the Haryana cow protection task force. Monu is named in an FIR on the brutal killing of Junaid and Nasir, two Muslim men who cow vigilantes allegedly set ablaze after accusing them of illegally transporting cows.

Shortly after this ‘Hindu Mahapanchayat’ ended, Rajasthan Police released a new list of eight ‘wanted’ persons in this case along with their photographs. The names and photos of Monu Manesar and Lokesh Singhla were missing from the list, even though they have not been arrested yet. Bharatpur Police (in Rajasthan) has claimed that investigations are still on against Monu and Lokesh.

“The news which is being circulated is misleading, we have also clarified it through Twitter and Facebook. He is still wanted,” Bharatpur SP Shyam Singh told The Wire.

In the first ‘Mahapanchayat’, speakers had also threatened to block the highway if Monu – who has been linked to more than one incident of cow vigilantes killing Muslim men after raising cow transporting accusations – is arrested.

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