Hindu Extremists Lynch Muslim Man at Cricket Match in Gujarat

Location: Chikhodra, Gujarat

Angered by the performance of Muslim men in a cricket tournament, Hindu locals of a Gujarat village on June 22 beat a Muslim spectator at a match to death, The Quint has reported.

Salman Vohra, 23, a resident of Polson compound in Gujarat’s Anand and worked in the garment business. A cricket fan, Vohra had gone to watch a match at Chikhodra, his uncle Noman Anwar Vohra told the news outlet. There had been tension in the atmosphere over pro-Hindutva residents’ opposition to Muslim players doing well in the tournament.

When they were playing, a section of the crowd began shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’,” an activist, Aasim Khedawala, told Quint.

The match drew a crowd of 5,000 people but Muslims were not more than 500 in number. A drunk man picked a fight with Vohra over where his motorcycle was parked. A crowd reportedly gathered and chanted in favour of hitting Vohra. His uncle noted that the attackers almost bit his ear off, that a knife wound had damaged his kidney and beaten on his lower waist and neck. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and then referred to a bigger one. He succumbed to his injuries at the second hospital.

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