Date : 02-08-2010

Fact Finding Report

Udaipur PUCL

The PUCL fact finding team led by Vice President of the State PUCL, senior advocate Ramesh Nandwana, District Secretary, Vinita Srivastava, State Executive member and lawyer Arun Vyas other members of the PUCL Udaipur District – Shyam Lal Dongra, Kiran Singh, Shri Ram Arya, Hemlata, Rajesh Singhvi and Rashid conducted a fact finding of the recent communal events that took place Sarada Udaipur, after a criminal incident in that area. They visited Sarada on the 28th of July and were prevented from going to the area due to curfew in that area where 70 houses of the Muslims were burnt down. The team met the affected families as well as leaders from all sides. It also interacted with the police and administrative officials.

The following are the main findings of the said committee;

  • On 2/7/2010, in Sarada, Uaidpur, Rajasthan at 9 pm, Shezad Khan and two of his associates murdered Mohan Meena, who was dealing with illegal alcoholic substances during a fight while drinking the said substance.
  • From 3/7/2010 to 5/7/2010, members from the Adivasi society, set afire the shops of innocent Muslim families. On 18/7/2010, Amrut Lal Meena, resident of Boripal (BJP), Kalulal Meena, Sarpanch, Gram Panchyat, Chavan, Vagat Ram Meena, Zilla Parishad Member and other Adivasi/tribal leaders declared their major goal/obejctive was the destruction of Muslim families.
  • On 14/7/2010, SDM and Dy SP held a meeting with both sides. The representatives of the Meena Society and Muslim Socitety both met and had discussions. The so-called leaders of the Adivasi Society who were mainly Bajrang Dal and members of the Hindutva groups stated that the goal/objective (war of destruction of Muslim families) would be rescinded only if the all the 3 accused in the murders of Mohan Meena should be ostracized from the society. This had be notified and published in the newspapers.
  • On 14/07/2010, the Muslim Society members gave in to the demand and ostracized the three accused. This was notified to the Tehslidar, Sarada and the same was published in Dainik Bhaskar.
  • So- called leaders of the Adivasis society went back on their words and on 18/07/2010 went all around town distributing pamphlets on the continuation of their war on Muslim families.
  • On 18/07/2010, they ensured that again rabble roused and got all members of the Adivasi society at one place and on 25/07/2010, they declared war and demanded that all the adivasi members bring weapons for the attack.
  • PUCL got enough evidence that between 18/07/2010 – 24/07/2010, weapons were distributed to all the Adivasis in the area by different associations.
  • On night of 24/07/2010, in the villages of Pal Sarada, Pal Saipur etc , Dhanraj Meena, Retired teacher, Kalu Shankar Meena, assistant secretary to the panchayat, Uday Lal Meena, Teacher, Durga Prasad Meen, Lalu Ram Meena, Ex. Member Panchyat Samiti and other Adivasis called for a meeting where weapons were distributed and they were instigating an attack on Muslim colony.
  • On 24/07/2010 night, the Muslim Society members became aware of the meeting, hence the members informed all the higher officials and the local leaders. They also prayed for the increase of security forces.
  • On 25/07/2010, the Adivasi members got together for attack at the Students hostel in Sarada. A meeting was conducted till 4 pm. After the meeting, they attacked, looted and lit the shop of carpenter Shaukat Ali. After this the mob attacked the house of Ahmad Hussain, Rtd principal and injured by pelting stones. To protect the family to disperse the mob, shots were in the air. Later, The firing was later held to be by the Police.
  • On 25/07/2010, the so-called bullies calming to be leaders of the .Adivasi samaj, moved house to house and incited the adivasis to attack the Muslim person who the fired the shot.
  • On the morning 25/07/2010, the adivasi society got people together by the beating of drums. The Muslim community prayed for an increase in their security to the authorities in vain. The Advasi community attacked the Muslim colonies. The Police fearing for their safety brought the Muslim families to the police station. In the their absence, the homes were looted and about 70 houses were set afire. The attacks continued in the presence of District Collector and the Superintendent of Police of the District and other senior officials. The rioters continued the burning and looting of the Muslim and the authorities watched in silence.
  • On the night of the 26/7/2010, the district authorities instead of stopping the violence, apprehending further violence by the adivasis moved the Muslim families out of the area first into the police station and later brought them to Udaipur. The Muslim Samaj committee provided shelter to the aggrieved persons at the Dargahs and other religious places. The Muslim community made arrangements for food and other necessities and the authorities did not take any action in this regard. The Government did nothing.
  • The Adivasi rioters drew 500 Muslim families out of their villages (Chavan, Kejar, Salada, Mahuwara, Veeropoora (Jayasamanth), Sonaria etc) and who have all moved to the Muslim religious places .
  • Untill today 28/07/2010, the authorities have not taken any steps to provide either aid or justice to the families, who were victims of rioters and are now living outside their villages.

The PUCL demands immediate relief to these families, their homes be reconstructed and measures should be taken for their security. They should be compensated a minimum of Rs. 100, 000 for the loss of property. We demand that the so called leaders of the adivasis samaj who rappble roused and incited violence be booked and stringent action be taken against the district police and administrators who were bystanders to the attack.

This is the second such attack since 2005. Many of the Muslim families who had been displaced in 2005 had just returned have had to move again. Thus a Judicial enquiry be initiated by the Government.

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