Hindutva Mob Allegedly Enters Muslim Man’s House in MP’s Khandwa, Installs Idol ( The Quint )

Clashes erupted after the idol was allegedly installed in the Muslim man's house, with stones pelted on both sides.

Two communities clashed after a person named Ravindra Avhad and others allegedly broke into a Muslim man’s house, installed a Hanuman idol, and started worshipping inside the house.
(Photo sourced by The Quint)

Clashes erupted between two communities in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district on Sunday, 12 February, after a right-wing mob allegedly broke into a Muslim man’s residence at Munshi Chowk in Dubey Colony, placed a Hanuman idol, and began worshipping it.

The mob, reportedly led by Ravindra Avhad, a former councillor candidate in Khandwa’s Padamkund ward, allegedly broke into Sheikh Asgar’s house, installed the Hanuman idol, and started performing religious ceremonies.

Following this, members of both communities reportedly began pelting stones at each other.

Speaking to the media, Asgar claimed that he was attending a wedding when he got to know that some men had broken into his house. He said that he bought the house nearly three months ago and completed all the paperwork on 18 January.

“Ravi Avhad and around 20-25 men entered our house. We were not at home; we were attending a wedding ceremony when this happened. I had bought the house around 3-4 months back but the paperwork was done on 18 January… They were trying to disturb the environment of our locality.” Sheikh Asgar

Confirming that clashes had erupted in Khandwa, Vivek Singh, police superintendent of the district, told the media that “this might have been done deliberately,” and that some police personnel, including the city superintendent, sustained injuries in the clashes.

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