‘Hum Hindu’ Founder Covers His Eyes on Seeing a Muslim TV Anchor

The news channel has decided to not invite Ajay Gautam to its studio henceforth.

Two days after a Zomato customer refused an order from a Muslim delivery boy, Ajay Gautam, founder of right-wing organisation ‘Hum Hindu’, covered his eyes on seeing a Muslim news anchor on a live TV show.

Gautam was invited to the News24 studio for a debate on the Zomato incident when he refused to even look at a Muslim anchor. His organisation, as written on its website, was founded in 2015 with “the sole objective of complete Swaraj, absolute Hindu Rashtra.”

The TV channel has decided not to invite Gautam to its studio henceforth.

The incident was not part of the original video uploaded by the news channel on YouTube on 1 August. A short clip was later circulated and many on Twitter slammed Gautam for his actions.

This story first appeared on thequint.com

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