Modi said his rivals would redistribute India’s resources to ‘infiltrators’ with more childrenImage: Hindustan Times/picture alliance

By Shakeel Sobhan

When the prime minister of your country calls your community “infiltrators” you are left wondering if you really belong, said Sadaf Tasneem, a Muslim student from Lucknow in northern India.

“I have unintentionally become defensive of my identity in the face of continuous systematic and institutional attacks,” she said.

Last month, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a highly controversial campaign speech in western Rajasthan state.

“When they [the opposition Congress party] were in power earlier, they said that Muslims have the first right to the country’s resources. So, who will they redistribute resources to? Those who have more children. Those who are infiltrators,” said Modi.

“Will your hard-earned money be given to infiltrators? Will you accept that?”

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