Its official now; govt. reduced minority welfare fund

Smriti Irani

New Delhi:  Now it is official that the Union government under Prime minister Narendra Modi -whose pet credo is ‘Sabka  Saath,  Sabka Vikas- has  reduced the amount for the minority welfare. This was admitted by Union minister for minority affairs  Smriti Irani in Parliament on Thursday.

In a written reply, Smriti Irani stated that the government has decreased the money allotted for numerous minority-focused programmes between 2019–20 and 2021–2022.  The number of beneficiaries under most schemes launched by the Ministry of Minority Affairs has declined since 2019-20, she added,

Between 2019–20 and 2021–22, some schemes received more funding than others, but fewer people benefited from them, she noted.

She  was responding to a non-starred question posed by M. Badruddin Ajmal, an MP for the All India United Democratic Front from Assam. He had asked for information regarding the amount of funds allotted, used, and the number of recipients under the national programmes put in place for the socioeconomic and educational empowerment of minorities.

There are six minority groups that have been centrally notified: Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims, Parsis, and Jains.

She replied that the information under the heading “physical and financial achievement for various initiatives” demonstrated a decrease in beneficiaries and allocations during the previous three years.

The decrease in beneficiaries and allocations in 2020–21 could be related to COVID–19. Data for 2019–20 and 2021–22, however, revealed that many times, even after two years, the allocations and beneficiaries remained low.

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