The board had issued an order last year whereby the control and management of all the shrines including the assets and properties of these shrines in the whole JK was taken over by the board.

These orders came to be challenged in the instant petition.

It is also provided in the order that any association or local auqaf in respect of such wakfs shall be void-ab-initio.

Earlier, in a bid to take over administrative control of all the notified shrines and Masjids, the Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board constituted district-level committees asking them to prepare a list of all shrines, Jamia Masjids, Khankahs, and associated properties which are Waqf notified properties in the respective district.

An order said that the J&K Waqf Board has a large number of Notified Waqf properties that have not been administratively controlled to date, and were being managed privately by local committees.

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