Misinformation will be India’s greatest threat in next two years, says World Economic Forum report (Scroll)

Misinformation and disinformation pose the greatest risk to India ahead of the upcoming parliamentary election and over the next two years, the World Economic Forum said in a report published on Wednesday.

The other major risks for India in the next two years could be infectious diseases, illicit economic activity, inequality and labour shortages, the organisation said.

The report said that misinformation could “seriously destabilise” the legitimacy of governments in countries where elections are slated to be held in the next two years, including in India.

India’s 1.4 billion-strong population will head to polls this April to elect the 18th Lok Sabha.

The Global Risks Report – based on a survey of 1,500 experts in academia, business and government – assesses various types and varying degrees of risks faced by global economies over the next two and 10 years.

The report mentions five categories of risks: economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological. “Misinformation and disinformation” is a sub-category under technological risks.

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