Mob Beats Up Muslim Man in Public in Telangana, Pregnant Sister Loses Baby

The mob attacked Imran Ahmed in Narsapur over an altercation with a gas cylinder delivery boy.


On 7 May, a Muslim man was brutally assaulted by a right-wing mob in Narsapur, located in Telangana‘s Medak district, after he allegedly got into an altercation with a gas cylinder delivery boy, Narsapur Police told The Quint on Thursday, 25 May.

Videos of the incident that are now viral on social media show the man, Imran Ahmed, being repeatedly thrashed by a right-wing mob chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. His mother and pregnant sister, Ayesha, desperately try to shield him, but they are also seen getting hurt in the process.

On Thursday – nearly two weeks after the incident – Narsapur Police told The Quint they were informed that Imran’s sister had given birth to a baby that was later declared brain dead. The police, however, could not confirm whether the baby’s death was caused by an alleged trauma inflicted on the mother.

Tweeting about the incident on Thursday, Amjed Ullah Khan, the president of the Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) – a Muslim political party in Telangana – demanded the arrest of all the persons involved in the attack and sought a judicial inquiry into the case.

Narsapur Police, meanwhile, said that Imran’s family has not filed a complaint with them so far, and that they would initiate an inquiry as and when they do so…


On 7 May, a gas cylinder delivery boy named Lingam went to Imran’s house in Narsapur to deliver a cylinder, Narsapur Circle Inspector Sheikh Lal Mazhar told The Quint.

Imran also owns a small restaurant in the town.

Lingam, who was wearing a Hanuman Mala (a month-long ritual) at the time, asked Imran for the empty cylinder, but the latter said he could return it only the next day. Lingam, however, said he wanted the cylinder then and there – and soon, a verbal altercation ensued between the two.

According to the CI Mazhar, Imran slapped Lingam with his footwear in a fit of rage. Upset, Lingam complained to others who were observing Hanuman Mala at a nearby temple, and they marched to Imran’s house.

Ignoring the pleas of Imran’s mother, the mob dragged Imran out of the house, and began beating him up on the road.

“There were 10-15 people in the mob, and they began raising ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans. Imran’s mother and pregnant sister were caught in the middle. On receiving information about the altercation, we reached the spot in 10-15 minutes, and took Imran and the others into custody,” CI Mazhar said.

Viral videos also show the mob raising slogans outside the Narsapur police station.

Speaking to the media at the police station on 7 May, Valdas Mallesh, a BJP leader in the area, said that the scuffle broke out as Imran hit Lingam, who was wearing a Hanuman Mala. “When someone is wearing the Hanuman Mala, he should be treated with respect. It is an attack on our faith,” he said…

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