Opinion polls favour prime minister over opposition alliance as election begins Friday

By Salimah Shivji 

As Narendra Modi travelled along a main street in India’s southern Karnataka state, standing in a flower-laden pickup truck adorned with more than 10 photos of himself, the cheers grew louder and more ecstatic. 

Hundreds of the prime minister’s supporters spent hours waiting for a glimpse of the politician, who was in Mangaluru briefly on Sunday for an election event called a “roadshow,” which lasted slightly more than an hour.  

It was one of the many pit stops Modi made as he criss-crossed the vast country in the week before voting in India’s marathon election begins Friday, dropping into more than a dozen Indian states as he aims to secure a third straight term. 

Modi’s party is well-placed to return to power, with opinion polls putting him and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the lead — ahead of the opposition alliance formed by more than two dozen parties, including the once-dominant Indian National Congress Party.  

“We have come to see Modi,” said Satish, who travelled from a smaller village 100 kilometres away for the Mangaluru rally. “Our god,” he added. 

He credits Modi with much of India’s growth, including new roads and infrastructure. 

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