By Sumedha Sharma / Tribune News Service

A day after being taken on transit remand, Monu Manesar was quizzed by Deeg police in Rajasthan for his alleged “behind the scenes” role in the Nasir-Junaid murder case. Manesar, who was interrogated by a special team for around four hours, denied his role.

“He was not present on the spot. However, prior interrogation of few suspects and accused hinted that they had contacted him after things got out of hand. We are looking into his call and message details, besides verifying his alibi,” said a senior investigator.

According to sources, it was during investigation that claims were made by some that the accused had contacted Monu after the Nuh CIA refused to arrest Nasir and Junaid, and sought his guidance on how to proceed. It was also alleged that he was contacted when the duo died, though no corroborative evidence has so far been produced to support the claims. Monu, meanwhile, has claimed that he was being framed by a group of cattle smugglers. The police are also seeking Monu’s help to nab the absconding accused. After his arrest, several of the 21 accused named in the chargesheet have again gone into hiding, though they were active on social media the past month.

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