Udupi: Efforts on to snatch freedom of speech from Dalits in India – Jayan Malpe

Udupi, Nov 22: “There are efforts to snatch the freedom of speech from Dalits in India. The rights of Dalits are being taken away in democracy carefully for a long time. Those who oppose them may perish tomorrow. There is a citation that Brahmins were eating Beef during the Rigveda era before democracy came into existence. Dalits are being suppressed despite that. It is condemnable,” said Dalit leader Jayan Malpe.

He was speaking in the protests held by State Dalit Sangharsha Samithi in front of Ajjarkad memorial urging for legal action against anti-humanity forces that are insulting Dalit community in the Hamsalekha – Pejawar case. “We should fight for the principles of Budha, Basava and Ambedkar against the system. We support Hamsalekha,” he said.

Another Dalit leader Manjunath Giliar said that the postings of drawings by artiste Hamsalekha were being torn openly in Mysuru alleging that he spoke lightly against Pejawar Swamiji. “A systematic network referring to the alleged light talk by Hamsalekha against Pejavar Swamiji’s visits to Dalit colonies, insulting the entire Dalit community and backward classes appears to be at work.”

“Some people portray that Dalits are traitors and the rights provided to Dalits are wrong. Those who speak for Dalits are being suppressed. Society should wake up in this connection,” he said.

Raju Bettinamane, Harish Salian, Yathish Karkera, Narasimha Alageri, Vasudeva Maddur, Lokesh Padubidri, Ganesh Nellikatte and others were present.

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