Gurugram, Dec 20 (PTI) The Vishva Hindu Parishad on Wednesday announced elaborate plans for the celebration of January 22 consecration of Ayodhya Ram Mandir with a door-to-door campaign across over 6,000 villages of Haryana.

Surendra Jain, VHP’s International Joint General Secretary, said the day will be celebrated by the group as ‘Rashtriya Shaurya Jagran.’ Addressing a press conference here, Jain said the consecration ceremony, or Pran Pratishtha, in Ayodhya will be telecast live and will be watched in 200 temples and three lakh houses.

“Gurugram has been at the forefront of Hindutva awakening campaigns and the enthusiasm of the residents here is amazing. A total of 1,000 groups will be formed in Gurugram and 5,000 workers will contact all houses one-by-one, day and night, from January 1 to January 5 and will give the pujas brought from Ayodhya for invitation,” Jain said.

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